A toyota rn-dsm sports car on a blue background.



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An image of a double amf wheel with an arrow pointing to it.

In addition to the inner rim, now we enable to spin outer rim using New Technology "Double AMF".
Finally making outer rim from AMF formula has well-established by applying cutting edge technology. Double AMF technology enable us to spin both outer and inner rim while being deep rim type.(*only available size over 9.0J)

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"AIR+" shape unnecessary thickness of the wheel. "AIR+" increases air volume which provide additional stability.

A black rim with a red arrow pointing to the center of the rim.

Uncompromising standard for WedsSport wheels. Explore excess of flesh completely, and trim the flesh by keeping the strength. Not only trimming, but increasing air volume to make the air pressure stable. This is “AIR+PLUS” system which satisfy both light-weight and air volume.

Applying for design registration.

Design Registration NO.1554006号

A rim with the words side machining and color clear.

"H" Cross Section Shape Scraped off with Side Machining
Pursuing ideal spoke cross section shape, finally we come up with “H-Shape”. Adding machining process, “H” Cross Section Shape has achieved that was impossible by casting. RN Series further reduced weight by trimming the spoke to the limit with side machining. Light sport wheel with new concept of Attractive Design and Light-Weight has born.


A close up of the rim and tire on a car.
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The technology accelerates sports wheel evolution

AMF (Advanced Metal Forming) is one variation of rotation forming process that rotates a metal pipe axis and casts the material on the roller.


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[Includes] Flat Center Cap type 2

[OPTION PARTS] Center Cap type 2

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[OPTION PARTS] Flat Center Cap type 2


Light Alloy Valve[#S27A2B]

JPY 1,500 (Tax excluding)

Flat Center Cap type 2(Gloss Black)[#52491]

JPY 2,500 (Tax excluding)

Flat Center Cap type 2(Gold)[#52724]

JPY 2,500 (Tax excluding)