About Weds

Founded in 1969, Weds has been a pioneer in custom wheel innovation in Japan. The revolutionary "Elster" series, introduced at that time, led the way in replacing factory-standard wheels with custom alternatives. Fast forward to 1977, and Weds once again reshaped the industry with the launch of "RACINGFORG," Japan's first aluminum forged 3-piece wheels. Over the years, Weds has consistently blended top-tier quality with a refined sense of contemporary style. As the leading custom wheel manufacturer, Weds continues to push boundaries, not only contributing to the ever-evolving automotive landscape but also making the dreams of car enthusiasts a reality.

Our wheels are meticulously crafted through a rigorous manufacturing process, informed by extensive development on the racetrack and a diverse range of motorsport activities and testing. This ensures that our wheels not only exemplify the highest standards of quality but are also designed to endure the demands of daily use.

At Weds Wheels, we take pride in our extensive catalog, boasting a diverse range of wheel models, each distinguished by unique designs tailored to suit your preferred style and intended purpose. Whether you seek wheels for track racing or daily driving, Weds Wheels offers options that cater to your specific requirements.

As dedicated supporters of motorsport culture, we are deeply committed to motorsport competition. Our active participation in motorsport racing allows us to extract invaluable insights that continually enhance our technological advancements. Our journey began in 1977 when we became the first Japanese company to manufacture a 3-piece racing forged wheel, designed exclusively for competition use. In 1984, we introduced the WedsSport brand, marking the beginning of a journey in which motorsport racing became our primary testing ground for advancing our wheel technology.

Our involvement extends to the United States, where Weds Wheels North America actively supports motorsport racing through our Co-Op program. We proudly sponsor Team WedsSport Bandoh Racing, a contender in the Japanese Super GT series, renowned as one of the most competitive closed cockpit sanctioned racing events in Japan, rivaling prototype vehicles. This series features the participation of all Japanese vehicle manufacturers, each presenting highly refined race cars categorized into the GT300 and GT500-series classes. Bandoh Racing, featuring a Toyota 86 in the GT300 class and a Lexus LC500 in the GT500 class, allows us to gather critical data that drives ongoing innovation in our wheel manufacturing processes.

Weds Wheels firmly believes that durability, performance, and safety must be paramount before delivering a wheel to the discerning enthusiast. Whether you own a Subaru WRX, BRZ, Toyota GR86, or an A90 Supra, we remain dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and innovating wheel designs and technology that elevate your driving experience. Moreover, Weds Wheels extends beyond enthusiast vehicles, offering a wide array of options tailored to trucks and SUVs, all with a range of designs that empower your vehicle to make a statement.